Investigator Initiated Trials

As an investigator or (academic) institution, your research needs to be innovative and cost effective. Viable research strategies need to be implemented to realize the quintessential investigator-initiated studies that are of paramount importance to gain a better understanding of disease and to develop better prevention and treatment options. ITREAS, an organization with a strong academic […]

Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology

Your therapies need to demonstrate measurable effectiveness and safety through clinical evidence and quality outcomes. ITREAS understands the value chain and the need for more creative and sophisticated outsourcing approaches that are required as a result of the increased cost of clinical development and higher demands for quality. Timely planning and commitment, a practical but […]


As a CRO you need to service product life cycle development strategies of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and realign your own development strategies to new types of players and the needs of a growing range of constituents. Clinical research has become a complex field that requires many areas of expertise which is not necessarily available […]